Louise E. Halliburton Collection


Louise E. Halliburton Collection


Halliburton, Louise E. Herron, 1897-1991.


Collection of select items from the Halliburton Collection.


Halliburton, Louise E. Herron




Nora A. Jimenez


Mixed media

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The Center for Dubuque History at Loras College, 1450 Alta Vista Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52041

Collection Items

Edward Herron Sketch
Drawing of rural landscape, shows two different views on same paper.

Friends Around the World
Document created as a reference for Halliburton's trip around the world in 1969.

Alabama Governor James E. Folsom's response to Halliburton's letter written on 1958-08-23 concerning Atmore Prison inmate, Jimmy Wilson.

Check for $1.95 made out to the State of Alabama Treasurer
Check enclosed with letter written to Alabama Governor James E. Folsom on 1958-08-23. Check made out to the State of Alabama Treasurer to cover the $1.95 theft by Jimmy Wilson committed on July 1957 that led to his conviction and death sentence in…

Copy of letter written to Governor James E. Folsom
Letter written by Halliburton expressing her opposition to the death sentence of man convicted of the theft of $1.95.

Newspaper clipping with headline, "Dixie Negro to Die for $1.95 Theft."
Newspaper clipping describing the case surrounding a black man's death sentence after being convicted of theft for robbing a white housewife of $1.95.

Copy of YWCA letter to Rep. James E. Bromwell
Letter written to Iowa Representative James E. Bromwell, 2nd District, asking for support of the Federal Civil Rights Bill. Letter also describes the prejudices and racism against blacks in Dubuque, Iowa.

Silent Vigil for Peace sign
Paper placards reading, "SILENT VIGIL FOR PEACE"

War is the Enemy sign
Handmade sign with silver reflective letters on black paper reading, "WAR IS THE ENEMY."

Silent Vigil for Peace
Photograph of silent vigil for peace participants. Louise E. Halliburton stands in foreground with a small placard attached to her coat that reads, "Silent Vigil for Peace."
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