Boy and Girl with Santa Mask


Boy and Girl with Santa Mask


This postcard is oriented horizontally and has an off-white background. In the bottom left corner is a bundle of holly leaves and four, red holly berries. In the upper left corner in decorated script of blue, gold, red, green, and purple, it reads "Santa visits you to-day, may he bring good cheer, peace, content, and merriment for the coming year." To the right of this script is a young boy with straight, golden hair wearing a green and red outfit with tights. He faces toward a young girl across from him on the right side of the card. On his head is a green hat with a red feather and he holds a Santa Claus mask with a long white beard in front of his face. On his neck is a white fanned collar. His shirt has puffed shoulders with red and green stripes and is otherwise green with red cuffs on the sleeves. He has a red belt with a gold buckle and wears puffed green and red striped shorts with green tights. His feet are small and he wears red shoes with a slight heel. The girl across from him has dark brown hair piled on top of her head and pinned with holly leaves and berries. Her collar is large and white and fans out behind her. Her hands are clasped in front of her chest and over one elbow hangs a wreath made of holly leaves and berries. Her dress is golden with puffed shoulders with gold and blue stripes. The skirt looks like it has a hoop under it and has a blue stripe around the hem. She wears blue tights and brown shoes with a slight heel. She looks at the boy across from her with the Santa Claus mask.


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Roseliep, Raymond
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Date postcard was scanned: 20151015






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14x9 cm


“Boy and Girl with Santa Mask,” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed July 23, 2024,