Nimble Nicks Building Toys in the Workshop


Nimble Nicks Building Toys in the Workshop


This postcard is oriented horizontally an has an off-white/tan background. In the upper right corner, a window is seen in the wall. The window is framed by a darker wood and is a rectangle with the longer sides laying horizontally. The window has six panes and outside a snowstorm is seen to be raging against a dark blue sky. To the right of this window, hanging from a nail in the wall is a speed square and carpenter's square. Against the wall sits a low wooden table with six legs. On top of the table sits a toddler dressed in Santa Claus clothing with its left leg crossed over its right leg. This child attends to two trains that sit on the table towards the left side of the postcard. On the back left corner of the table is a white cloth covering it. On the other side of the child is a small yellow top and a smaller model train. Behind the child, three stacks of white building blocks with black block lettering reads, "A Merry Christmas." On the far end from the child are two dolls standing against the wall, an open jack-in-the-box and a drum with red edging and a yellow covering. Three other similarly dressed toddlers are seen on the floor working. Each of the children has a small tuft of golden hair seen on their forehead and a green holly leaf on their shoulder. Under the table sits a green and red sled. One child kneels on the floor on the left side of the postcard. In this child's left hand it holds a metal instrument for chiseling into wood, while in its right hand it holds a metal mallet. It is using these tools to chisel into a thin block of wood which is propped on the floor in front of it. The child in the middle stands holding a nutcracker in its right hand and a crafting stick in its left hand and looks up at the child sitting on the table. On the right side of the postcard a child uses a hand saw to saw into a board which is propped on two wooden saw horses. In gold script in the lower center portion of the postcard it reads, "By this little card you'll see how nimble Nimble Nicks can be."


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Roseliep, Raymond
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