New Year's Greetings Elves Postcard


New Year's Greetings Elves Postcard


This postcard is oriented vertically and has a thin white and gold border on all sides except the bottom. All figures in the postcard are outlined in a shimmering gold border. The scene inside the borders shows a snowy night scene with three elves with long white beards and mustaches. The night sky is a silver and striated, speckled with gold, green, and bronze stars. Towards the upper right corner of the postcard hangs a crescent moon very near the earth. From this moon hangs an elf wearing a green jacket, red pants, a yellow-orange cap, and checkered shoes. With his left hand, he reaches towards the top tip of the moon, holding a red 5 playing card under his thumb. In his right hand hangs a white bag presumably holding coins. It is marked with "1000" in black script and has a red dot near the top. In front of where he sits on the moon are 5 bags exactly like this, while behind him is one bag like this. This elf looks out smiling with an open mouth at another elf on the ground. From the moon hangs icicles. Directly below the moon, elf and these icicles stands an elf wearing a green jacket, blue pants, gold boots with pointed toes, and a blue cap with red, white and gold designs. He stands with most of his back toward the viewer and hods up a gold bag at waist level. He looks up to the elf on the moon, presumably ready to catch the bag of coins hanging from his hand. The elves on the ground stand on a snowy hillside. The third elf is near the left bottom corner of the postcard and is bent over a red, gold, and green sled with four bags of coins as he places a fifth onto it. He looks over his left shoulder up at the elf hanging from the moon. He wears a red jacket, a yellow cap with 2 red stripes, and red and green checked shoes. Under the feet of the elf reaching up to catch the bag of coins is the phrase "New Year's Greetings" in gold script. "New Year's" is underlined in gold.


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Date postcard was scanned: 20151105






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