Peters Weatherbird School Shoes Postcard


Peters Weatherbird School Shoes Postcard


This postcard is oriented horizontally and has a white and pale blue background as the nighttime sky, complete with a crescent moon. In the bottom left corner, extending nearly to the upper left corner and to the bottom right corner is a border of dark green holly leaves, stems, and red holly berries. On the left side of the card is a red brick chimney covered around all sides of the upper opening with white snow and ice hanging over the sides. A pale red bird with large, boggling eyes is seen to be wearing a red Santa Claus coat and hat, each with black fur trim.. The bird wears a large white beard hanging to its chest and its large eyes look down into the chimney it is climbing into while standing on a snow covered roof. Its large yellow beak hangings slightly open. Over its left shoulder is a pale grey bag full of toys . Its right leg is still behind it and it wears a black boot which is on the roof, and its leg is seen as a dotted black line. In the distance behind the bird Santa are two evergreen trees, with dark green tops and paler green bottoms. Directly above the tops of the trees is a yellow crescent moon, near to which it reads in red script: "Peters Weatherbird," and under this reads in black script: "School Shoes, Solid Leather~Strongly Put Together." Over the chimney, where it connects with the house, is a sideways red diamond with a thin white border, serving as the "Peters Shoes Co's Diamond Brand St. Louis" logo. To the right of this, drawn over the snow covered rooftop it reads in black script, "A Practical Xmas Present." In the bottom right corner, is a drawing of two sleeping pale red birds with large yellow beaks. They each have a white pillow under their head and share a bed and blankets. Their feathered fingertips clutch at a white sheet, pulling it to their chins. A grey and red striped blanket lies over top. The blanket has two sets of three thin red stripes, each near a bird. Small eyelashes and eyebrows are seen on the faces of the sleeping birds. A stamp over the upper right corner reads "Chandlerville, Ill."


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