Godt Nytt Ar! Postcard



Godt Nytt Ar! Postcard


This postcard is oriented vertically and shows a dining room scene. An older gentleman sits at a wooden chair which is padded with green striped cushions on its seat and arms and is near the right side of the card. The man is wearing a dark grey floor-length robe with red lapels and cuffs. His socks are seen to be a pale blue and he wears dark brown slippers on his feet. He has a long white beard, mustache, and hair which pokes out from under his dark brown cap. He looks down and reaches out with both arms to a young girl on standing on the floor in front of him. She reaches up with both arms toward him and faces away from the viewer. Her hair falls above her shoulders and is a golden brown color. She wears a dark blue dress which has a thick, white, lacy collar. The sleeves of the dress are three-quarters with a thin white lace hem. The dress has a red belt about the waist, and the hem of the skirt falls just above her knees. She wears red tights and flat brown shoes. Her left foot is plantarflexed so that her heel is raised and only her toes touch the floor. On the left side of the card, behind the two figures sits a wooden table covered by a pale blue table cloth. Along the edges of the tablecloth, a floral pattern is visible. On top of the table sits a potted green plant. The table is set against a window with two panes. Over the window hangs a lacy curtain. The floor in the room is wooden and without rugs. Beginning in the top left corner and working toward the middle right side of the postcard, it reads in green block print, "Godt Nytt Ar!"


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Roseliep, Raymond
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Hahn, Sara




Date postcard was scanned: 20151202






Box 1, Tab 17

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9x14 cm


“Godt Nytt Ar! Postcard,” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed May 25, 2024, http://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/2846.