St. Thomas Aquinas (Ames, Iowa)


St. Thomas Aquinas (Ames, Iowa)


"In 1899 the pastor of the Gilbert parish, Father Henry C. Eckhart, celebrated the first Mass in the Ames community. The Gilbert church and rectory were in the country, some miles from the town of Gilbert. Father Eckhart was followed by Father Francis C. Renier, who had charge of three Catholic congregations: Gilbert, Jewell, and Ames. Road conditions from Gilbert to Ames made Sunday Mass for the Ames Catholics uncertain. Because of this situation the college students petitioned the Archbishop in 1911 to appoint Father Renier resident pastor in Ames. In a letter to the Archbishop in response to the students’ petition Father Renier stated, “it has been my hope that some time in the future the authorities in the diocese would realize that the work done here for our students is not a parochial matter, but something which effects the whole diocese."

- Kurt, Rev. Msgr. Edgar, Parish Profile #212, The Witness, February 17, 1991.


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History of the parish over the span of 119 years, including information about its priests and parishioners.

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