St. Stephen (Cedar Falls, Iowa)


St. Stephen (Cedar Falls, Iowa)


St. Stephen in Cedar Falls is home to the Catholic Student Center. In 1897, The Catholic Student's Club was organized. It was noted in 1907 that, "The Association's purpose is to enable the Catholic students to more fully realize that religion is an energizing force affecting the character of the individual and society and is the fundamental stimulus of our society." St. Stephen The Witness Catholic Student Center is still active and alive today.

- Information Gathered from Historical File at the Archdiocese of Dubuque.


The Archdiocese of Dubuque.
The Center for Dubuque History at Loras College.




Loras College
Kucera Center for Catholic Thought
Frank and Ida Goedken Series: "Spiritual Life in the Upper Mississippi River Valley"


ca. 1905-
History of the parish over the span of 113 years, including information about its priests and parishioners.


Burback, Emily. Burns, Daniel. Gibson, Michael. Oberfoell, Carol. Waldmeir, Helen. Waldmeir, John.


Various primary and secondary sources.

Table Of Contents

Catholic Student Center (1 collection of documents from 1905-1966; 10 documents)
Historical Notes (10 documents)
1950s News Paper (5 documents)
News Articles (4 documents)
St. Stephen’s Move to New Home (1 document)
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“The Pedagog,” 1906.
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