Holy Cross (Holy Cross, Iowa)


Holy Cross (Holy Cross, Iowa)


“Holy Cross is one of several parishes that began about the same time. Bishop Mathias Loras mentions in an 1842 letter that he was called to the Sweeney home in Concord Township to minister to a dying man. While there, he was asked to bless some ground in which the man could be buried and directed the sons to prepare an oak cross. It was raised upon the hill where church and town now stand, and a monument in the cemetery commemorates that holy cross. In 1843 a log church was built. With a deed signed by President Zachary Taylor in 1849, Bishop Loras secured title to the 40 acres of land. It was the bishop’s policy to provide sufficient acreage for the pastor’s horses and cow in rural parishes of his young diocese.”

- Rev. Msgr. Edgar Kurt, “Parish Profile #4: Holy Cross, Holy Cross.” Dubuque: The Witness, 21 December 1986.


The Archdiocese of Dubuque.
The Center for Dubuque History at Loras College.




Loras College
Kucera Center for Catholic Thought
Frank and Ida Goedken Series: "Spiritual Life in the Upper Mississippi River Valley"


ca. 1842/5-
History of the parish over the span of 174 years, including information about its priests and parishioners.


Burback, Emily. Burns, Daniel. Gibson, Michael. Oberfoell, Carol. Waldmeir, Helen. Waldmeir, John.


Various primary and secondary sources.

Table Of Contents

Centennial Booklet (1 document)

Centennial Holy Cross Church 1988 (2 documents)

Centennial Souvenir Church 1945 (1 document)

Earl’s Plumbing and Heating Proposal (1 compilation)

Fr. Wilke History Letter

Financial Statement (1 collection)

History (4 documents)

Letter to Parents regarding Catholic Education Fr. Augustine Bomholt ca. 1930-1940 (1 document)

Pastor Cards (1 collection)

Photographs Church Interior, Church Exterior, Way Teacher Residence, Rectory (4 documents)

Timeline Card (1 document)

Kurt, “Church Bells.” 20 July 2001.




“Holy Cross (Holy Cross, Iowa),” Loras College Digital Collections, accessed January 27, 2023, http://digitalcollections.loras.edu/items/show/5980.

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