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Red postcard with Krampus face in top right corner. Krampus hand is breaking through with a chain and is holding a set of sticks tied with a ribbon.
The card features a design with holly and gold in the middle, which then twines around portraits on either side of the card. On the right is Santa Claus, with a pointed red hat and long white beard. A girl in an and white bonnet is to the right.…
The horizontal card is red and the image and text very blurred. There appears to be a drawing on the left with an animal, perhaps a cow. The greeting reads "Good cause for taking the fence" and there is faint handwriting on the right.

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The card shows Santa Claus from the shoulders up, inside a small circular inset at the center of the card. It is surrounded by a red glow and a mistletoe wreath. On either side are small scenes of a snowy field and church, with poinsettias beneath…
The card's background is red, patterned like the bark of a tree, with some holly decoration. Hanging from the top and draped like a necklace is a gray ribbon; the charm has a border of gold and features a profile view of Santa Claus. "Merry…
The card's background is red and is decorated with lit candles and evergreen. In the center, Santa Claus carries a tree over his shoulder and toys in his arms. "A merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus, shown from his shoulders up, is in a red frame to the right of the card. To the left is the greeting "Peace and good Will to all" surrounded by holly.
Bust of Krampus in black with red background. Krampus is pictured smiling with horns and sticks in the background. Words included: "Gruss vom Krampus"
Krampus head at the left top corner of the postcard. He is smiling and sticking out a long tongue. His eyes are closed. Toward the bottom right of the card, there is a bundle of sticks with a chain.
St. Nicholas is standing outside where there is very much snow. The card is all red, except for the snow. It features a Christmas greeting in German.
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