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Father Christmas is playing the trumpet. He is carrying a basket of red and blue toys and there is a Christmas tree behind him.
father Christmas is holding a doll in one hand and a trumpet in another. He is standing outside of a window and is wearing a very long red robe.
The horizontal card is red and the image and text very blurred. There appears to be a drawing on the left with an animal, perhaps a cow. The greeting reads "Good cause for taking the fence" and there is faint handwriting on the right.

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In this postcard, a white bear is seen bewildered due to the fact that it sat on a freshly-painted red bench. At the bottom of the postcard the text "A Bear Impression" is written. There is also handwriting along the bottom.
This postcard shows Jesus clothed in a crown of thorns, rope, and a red cloak. The sky behind him is setting and to his left there is a sign written in Latin.
The card features a design with holly and gold in the middle, which then twines around portraits on either side of the card. On the right is Santa Claus, with a pointed red hat and long white beard. A girl in an and white bonnet is to the right.…
Inset amid a red background is a small oval depicting Santa Claus in a hooded red coat, framed with white and black fur. He is being hugged and kissed by a girl with blonde hair who wears a purple dress. A brown-haired boy stands behind them. "A…
Against a red and starry background, Father Christmas is driving a golden sleigh filled with toys, presents, and a tree. He is wearing a blue coat with gold trim, and just visible off to the right side of the card is the backside of a deer. "A Merry…
Father Christmas, dressed in purple, is seated in a golden sleigh with a bag of colorful gifts and a tree. The reindeer pulling it can be seen on the far left side. The background is red with stars on the right.
The card is designed to look like a wrapped gift, with a red background and a silver band and bow across the middle. The band depicts a wintery scene, and Father Christmas in green is in front of the bow. He carries a small tree and a basket of toys…
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