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The black-and-white card shows Father Christmas in a hooded robe standing at a full dinner table. It holds a pot, wine bottle, glass, main dish and more. The background is a rough wooden wall with a door frame to the right. He is holding a card with…
Krampus is seen in a private room, looking out at other diners. He is drinking something from a wine glass and is sticking out his tongue.
A haloed golden-haired child in a pink gown stands next to a grape vine. In one hand, they hold a wine cup, and with the other are squeezing grapes into it. The background is a mountainous country scene.
The card is separated by a holly leaf into two scenes. To the left, a woman in a yellow dress with her hair pinned up reads a card. To the right, a well-dressed group of two men and two women sits around a table making a joyful toast. The message at…
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