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Loras College Photograph Collection - 1957 - 1958 A - L

Black Power at Loras College

[11.12.69] Can We Support a Black Community - Panty Raiders.pdf

Contributors: Catherine Koetz, Center for Dubuque History Intern

Political Cartoon Collection

Fetus Viability 31 January 1973.jpg

Lorian Newspapers: Selected Scans from 1950 - 1960

Homecoming- Nov. 5th, 1958-1959.jpg

Selected scans from Loras College Lorian student newspapers

Contributors: Caroline Handley

Purgold Yearbooks: Selected Scans from 1950 - 1959

1950, p127.jpg

A selection of scans from the 1950 - 1959 editions of the Loras College Purgold Yearbook.

Contributors: Erika Alfieri

Loras College Photographic Negative Collection: Selected Scans

Purgold Yearbook Specials 5.jpg

Louise E. Halliburton Collection

Louise & father.jpg

Collection of select items from the Halliburton Collection.

Contributors: Nora A. Jimenez

Rev. Robert R. Beck Collection

MARK Record.jpg

Finding Aids and Inventories

Peter B. Hoffman Photograph Collection

This is a digital collection of the photographic works of Peter B. Hoffman, Jr. A Dubuque native, he was born on October 28, 1889 and was buried in…

Contributors: Hannah Bernhard, Michael Gibson, Sydney Reilly.