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The Tribunal.jpg
A bald guy sitting in front of a tribunal. There's six people and a person in the back with a crown

The Tree Fruit and Cross.jpg
There's a tree with a ladder and a fruit hanging from the tree.

The Star.jpg
A farmhouse with a windmill with a big star in the sky

The Poor.jpg
A man sitting in a bench in the street with a blanket

The Needles Eye.jpg
Hand holding a needle. In the background we see a man with a couple camels.

The Greatest Commandment.jpg
2 Gravestones with numbered I and II

The Good News.jpg
A parchment with "The Good News" written on it.

The Dove to Jesus.jpg
Man in the water. A bird is flying in with a letter.

The Cornerstone.jpg
Cornerstone in a circular form with a nest of birds on the middle.

Some People Brought Him a Deaf Man.jpg
Man in a glass bottle and people looking at him
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