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Just another reminder that I am still in the army and still in the Pilipines.
My permanent address is Base X - APO 75 c/o PM San Francisco Calif.
In my last letter I left you under the impression that I would be out of the army soon.
I do hope you are not putting in the papers what I tell you until after we get out of the Army because if it ever gets back to me I'll be court marshalled and have the book thrown at me.
Next day after I last wrote to you I flew to Manila.
Been holding up writing until I could get a permanent address.
Since your last letter there have been many changes.
Just had a stormy session with Dr. [Sanner].
Well we have a new address again - Hq - A.G.F. APO 458 c/o PM San Francisco, Calif.
Well we got this far - without a doubt we might go further west to greet Jojo.
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