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The heading suffices - somewhere in the Broad Pacific.
We arrived here yesterday.
Just a line as Im on the move again from this haven of pleasure and [(Kikes)] - Go to Replacement Pool at New Orleans Part [of] Embarkation .
You no doubt received prior word of our change of address.
Thanks, a whole lot.
With to-day in the news we can't say how long will be here.
No, I am not a Lt. Col. yet but I expect this elevated position (if we can call it such) before the end of the month.
Just a line - I received the stipends.
After being down here for a few week I thought I might give you the latest dope.
I did not have an opportunity to contact you on the way from Ft. Lawton to my new assignment at the Hd. XXI Corps at Camp Polk La.
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