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Since you do not know me I realize that my request is unusual at this time.
Along with my monthly report comes a few lines concerning my work.
I received your kind letter of the 17th of May relative to the adoption of James Keenan.
Enclosed is my monthly report for the months of Sept. and Oct.
The war's over and the high-pointers', the boys who have been over here the longest have seen the most battle, and have children at home, are rapidly leaving the European Theatre.

Since phoning you in Norfolk, I have been many places and had many interesting experiences.
It seems that religion would fare better in camp if the German officers were not here.

Nothing new!

I thank you for your letter of April the thirtieth in which you seek permission to continue your work as Chaplain for another year.
I received you fine letter a few weeks ago, however, I have been slow in answering it.
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