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I was happy to receive your letter and to know you are well.
Many thanks for your interesting letter of November the fourth.
Your letter of Ocbober 31st. reached me this morning and I am very grateful for the report as also for the interesting news contained in your letter.
I received your letter of August the thirtieth and was delighted to hear from you.

As you know since I last saw you I talked with the Archbishop.

I received your fine letter a few weeks ago, however, I have been slow in answering it.
Your letter of the first of the month reached me this morning, and I hasten to write these few lines so that they may reach you before Christmas.
I am enclosing receipt for your splendid contribution to Mount St. Bernard Seminary.
Excuse the scublery as I am writing on a footlosher.
I am sedning my monthly reports and alone with it a few lines of news from New Guinea.
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