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A building with only a partial frontal four-story facade still standing has been destroyed by fire. Men and women in dark clothing stand around it, and there is a horse in the lower right corner.
Children and parents are running and splashing in a swimming pool set in the woods with a few outbuildings around it.
The photo is shot looking north on 12th and White Streets. The road, trees and buildings are covered with snow. There is a horse and buggy going down the road, and nuns walking on the sidewalk to the right in front of St. John's Lutheran Church,…
Done in color, the ruins of the mill sit at the base of a hill by the water.
Four people stand on a natural outcropping of land extending into the river. Two remain on dry land, while the other two appear to be prepared to go into the water.
Emily, dressed in a white shirt, dark skirt and white hat, is leaning against a log fence looking toward the camera. Albert D., standing next to her, is looking backward at the horse and buggy coming down the road.
Five people stand in front of a horse - Prince - and buggy. Albert D. Hoffmann and Emily F. are to the right. A toddler-age Albert J. is being held by Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. Edward is next to them. Since Albert J. was born in 1910, this picture was…
Although labeled Jodie, there are no records for a Jodie Schumacher related to Emily - there is, however, a sister Josephine. Jodie and Ed are seated outside underneath a tree having their picnic.
Albert D. Hoffmann stands in front of a huge hollowed-out tree, while his cow stands underneath it.
Young Albert J. Hoffmann is seated on Peter B. Hoffmann Sr.'s lap. Two women sit to the right; one is Alvina Hoffmann and the other is not identified on this card, but is as Mary Holsinger on a duplicate. Based on Albert's age, the photo was likely…
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