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Albert D. Hoffmann stands in front of a huge hollowed-out tree, while his cow stands underneath it.
Young Albert J. Hoffmann is seated on Peter B. Hoffmann Sr.'s lap. Two women sit to the right; one is Alvina Hoffmann and the other is not identified on this card, but is as Mary Holsinger on a duplicate. Based on Albert's age, the photo was likely…
A small waterfall is coming down the vine-covered bluff and two men, one standing and one crouching, are pictured next to it.
Four men are posed on a hill while a stone bluff rises high above them. Albert D. Hoffmann is seated, Emil Youngblood is standing, Peter B. Hoffmann Sr. is seated, and Edward Hoffmann is standing and pointing into the distance. The card is addressed…
Done in color, a man and a younger boy stand to the left side of an avenue of pine trees lined up straight in the woods.
Three men in vests and shirts stand at the base of some trees while the one in the striped shirt points upward.
Two men are resting near a stream. One is seated and drinking from a cup while the other is standing and has a satchel over his shoulder.
The left side shows an inset oval portrait of a man in a coat and tie but no hat. The right side shows several men by the end of the river with a railroad bridge in the background. None are identified.
A stream trickles over rocks and is surrounded here and there by leafy trees.
Three people - two men and a woman - stand on an outcropping halfway up a cliff. The woman is likely Emily Hoffmann and the men look to be Edward and Albert D.
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