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India_Taj Mahal.jpg
Slide of a photograph showing the Taj Mahal monument in India.

Hong Kong_South China Sea.jpg
Slide of photography showing a view of the South China Sea, a sail boat is seen on the water.

Slide of photograph taken at a flower marker in Holland.

Athens Acropolis.jpg
Slide of photograph taken at the Athens Acropolis showing ancient Greek ruins

Louise Halliburton Interview by Mary Allison Farley, Tape 1, Side A.wav
An interview of Louise Herron Halliburton performed by interviewer Mary Allison Farley. Louise discusses her schooling, involvement in women's suffrage, interest in art, and her work as a drafter during World War I.

R. Alexander Halliburton.jpg
Portrait of R. Alexander Halliburton, he wears a suit and tie.

L.H.H. Watercolors.jpg
Louise Halliburton posing in front of her watercolors.

L.H.H. Dubuque Public Library Art Exhibit.jpg
Black and white photograph of Louise Halliburton posing in front of artwork from the Halliburton Exhibit at the Dubuque Public Library.

Dubuque Museum of Art Exhibit Invitation.jpg
Invitation to the Halliburton Exhibit opening reception.

Young M. Crouse.jpg
Sepia tone portrait of a young Mary Crouse.
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