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Infant L. Herron.jpg
Photograph of an infant Louise, she wears a long white garment.

Young L. Herron.jpg
Portrait photograph of a young Louise E. Herron. She wears a floral dress and large bow in hair.

Sketchbook-Mary Crouse.jpg
Graphite drawing of St. Sheobalds Chapel in rural winter landscape.

Dubuque Museum of Art Exhibit Invitation.jpg
Invitation to the Halliburton Exhibit opening reception.

L.H.H. Dubuque Public Library Art Exhibit.jpg
Black and white photograph of Louise Halliburton posing in front of artwork from the Halliburton Exhibit at the Dubuque Public Library.

Thailand Sketch.jpg
L.H.H. Sketchbook: 36 : various media; 6 x 4.625 in.

Friends around the world.jpg
Document created as a reference for Halliburton's trip around the world in 1969.

Correspondence-Folsom (3).jpg
Check enclosed with letter written to Alabama Governor James E. Folsom on 1958-08-23. Check made out to the State of Alabama Treasurer to cover the $1.95 theft by Jimmy Wilson committed on July 1957 that led to his conviction and death sentence in…


Letter written by Halliburton expressing her opposition to the death sentence of man convicted of the theft of $1.95.


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