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In this postcard, a man with war-tattered clothing is seen holding down people with his foot with a knife raised high above his head as if he is about to hit the man on the ground. Around the man with the knife, there are many more people lying on…
This is a birthday postcard that has kittens falling out of a wicker basket. This basket is full of pink roses and has a letter on top of it. At the top left corner of this card, the text "Birthday Greetings" is written.
In this postcard, a brown bear with a red bow on its neck is seen hold a wicker basket full of flowers. The bear is standing in the doorway or a room that is front of a grassy field with trees.
On the side of a Christmas tree, a young child is pictured on the reflection of a tiny bell. Among the bell are many different groups of holly. At the bottom, left-hand side, the phrase "Loving Christmas Wishes" is written.
In a middle of a living room, a child is seen talking to Santa Claus, who is surprised by this encounter. The child says"Here! wait a moment till I check up this account and see if you've got all the things I ordered" to Santa Claus. Under this…
In this postcard there is a tassel on the outer border. In the inner part of the picture, their is an orange colored cat clinging to green drapes. At the bottom of the inner box in the card the words "A Christmas Greeting" are written.
The postcard is decorated as a Christmas envelope. In the middle, it has a gold seal depicting Santa Claus' head. There are holly decorations to the left and right, and starting above and ending below are the words "A Merry Christmas".
In this postcard the three bears are seen running through the woods with forks and knives, carrying a little girl with golden hair. The woods they are in are very snowy. At the bottom of the card "A Merry Christmas" is written on cursive.
On this postcard there is a snowy, branch filled border that has 4 birds sitting among it. Around the border on the left-hand side is a red ribbon that is tied among the wood. In the center of the postcard "A Merry Christmas is written".
This postcard displays a kitten inside of a wicker basket that is adorned with holly. The bottom of the card reads, "A Joyful Christmas".
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