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1955, p4.jpg
A yearbook page depicting an architect's rendering of Rohlman Hall (formerly North Hall). Text beaneath the image dedicates the hall to God.

1954, p73.jpg
A yearbook page depicting Alpha Phi Omega. An image to the top right shows two members raising the Unite States flag. A picture at the bottom depicts 31 members of the organization gathered on the chapel steps.

1954 p55.jpg
A yearbook page depicting the Boston Pops orchestra. Four images accompany text: (1) The orchestra, seated and playing (2) The orchestra, seated and playing from another view. (3) Ruth Siencyznska walking, wearing a light colored, tulle dress. (4)…

1954, p54.jpg
A yearbook page depicting The Marian Year. At the top, a photograph of His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Tien being escorted into Christ the King Chapel. Below, a photograph of filled pews in Christ the Kinf Chapel at a celebration of the opening of the…

Wrestling 5.jpg
Two wrestlers entangled on a mat. One wrestler is laying on their back, their legs in the air. The other wrestler has one hand on their chest and the other hand hooked under one of their legs. An audience is visible in the bleachers in the…

Grotto- Nov. 5th, 1954-1955.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the dedication of the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto on the Loras College campus in 1954. Accompanying the article is a photograph of the Most Rev. Henry P. Rohlman,…

Track 3.jpg
Seven people in matching jackets, pants, and shoes, running on a track. Behind them, four pine trees are visible. Rohlman Hall is visible above in the distance.

Track (Second Envelope) 4.jpg
A person bent over at a starting block. Their feet are on the block and their hands are on the ground. They are looking straight ahead with their mouth slightly open.

Track (Second Envelope) 1.jpg
A person with a buzz cut haircut running on a track. They are wearing a light colored, long sleeved shirt and light colored shorts. Another person is visible running behind them. The bleachers in the background are empty. Christ the King Chapel and…

Boston Pops- Feb. 26th, 1953-1954.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the visit of the Boston Pops orchestra to Loras College in 1954. Accompanying the article is two photographs: 1) orchestra members seated in front of an audience…
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