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Just a few lines to let Your Excellency know that the Church is carrying on even here in Deutschland.

The Rev. Wm. J. Menster, U.S.U.R. Naval Air Station, Miami, Florida, has my permission to remain in the service for another year.
After a month at Fort Knox, I am happily busy in my little parish.
I received your letter of August the thirtieth and was delighted to hear from you.
Your letter of Ocbober 31st. reached me this morning and I am very grateful for the report as also for the interesting news contained in your letter.

I thank you for your letter of April the thirtieth in which you seek permission to continue your work as Chaplain for another year.
Since you do not know me I realize that my request is unusual at this time.

After a good leave in Cascade and Waterloo I am back on the job again.
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