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St. Nicholas is standing outside where there is very much snow. The card is all red, except for the snow. It features a Christmas greeting in German.
A cat is dressed up as Santa and is carrying gifts and a Christmas tree. There is a Christmas Greeting on this card.
Traditional Santa is sharing a collar with a reindeer. Santa is feeding the reindeer and they seem to be close friends.
Santa is hanging brown ornaments on the Christmas tree. This card is a beige color with a bit of orange near the tree.
Santa Claus is wearing his iconic red suit and cap. This rendition of Santa makes him look like a cartoon caricature. He is carrying an overflowing bag of gifts on his back, and his back is facing forward. Santa is looking over his shoulder with a…
This postcard is oriented vertically and shows Santa Claus ringing a large gold bell. The edges are trimmed in a gold, glittering border. The bell and Santa Claus are set apart from the rest of the card and can move, making them fragile. In the top…
This is a Christmas prayer card about Santa visiting. It features a boy and a girl praying.
Santa is hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. This card is an off white and features an embroidered Santa.
Santa is driving a car and it is filled with gifts. This card is very light with pinks and corals and looks as if it Is embroidered.
Santa is a very light pink with very bright and intense pink accents. He is holding dolls as they braid a little girl's hair.
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