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Traditional Santa is sharing a collar with a reindeer. Santa is feeding the reindeer and they seem to be close friends.
Santa is hanging brown ornaments on the Christmas tree. This card is a beige color with a bit of orange near the tree.
Santa is hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. This card is an off white and features an embroidered Santa.
Santa is driving a car and it is filled with gifts. This card is very light with pinks and corals and looks as if it Is embroidered.
This Santa has a pink and purple coat. He is carrying dolls and a bag on his back.
Santa is a very light pink with very bright and intense pink accents. He is holding dolls as they braid a little girl's hair.
A bird is carrying gifts down the Chimney as two other birds sleep. There is texts about Peter's Weatherbird leather shoes on the postcard.
A cat is dressed up as Santa and is carrying gifts and a Christmas tree. There is a Christmas Greeting on this card.
National Santa Clause looking through his eye glass to make sure the children are asleep. He is carrying a bag of gifts..
National Santa Claus is smoking a cigarette and has am American Flag in the background. There is cursive writing on the bottom and a Christmas border around Santa.
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