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Mary, dressed in red, is putting together a bouquet of flowers with the help of a smiling baby Jesus. The image is labeled "Carlo Dolci / Madonna" and the bottom reads "To Wish you a merry Christmas".
The upper portion of the card shows Mary in red with a brown head wrap holding a naked baby Jesus. Below is the label "Rafael Madonna Sixtina" with holly hanging from the image. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
The card depicts a queen, most likely Mary. She is dressed in gold with a blue cloak; both are covered in elaborate gold embroidery. She wears a large gold crown, and extending around her are gold rays. At the base of the pedastal on which she stands…

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An angel in white and blue is showing a boy and girl to the scene of the Nativity. In the stable is the Holy Family with three wise men offering Jesus gifts. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Mary, dressed in blue, red, and gold with white polk dots, is sitting amidst the clouds with baby Jesus in her lap and rays of light shining from them. An angel is kneeling to the right, in pink with a palm branch, and adn in purple on the right.…
Inside a white wood stable with red roof, the Holy Family is visible along with one angel. Directly in front of its entrance, a ladder descends from the clouds of heaven and eight angels are about to come down it. More white and red buildings extend…
To the left, Mary supports baby Jesus on the manger, and Joseph stands behind them. To the right, three lavishly decorated magi bring him gifts. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Done in a one-dimensional cartoon-like style, the Nativity scene is depicted outside a stable. Jesus is in a bed of straw on the ground with a haloed Mary, in blue, and Joseph, in brown and purple, behind him. Four angels in pink, blue, and green…
Mary, in red and blue, sits to the left with baby Jesus on her lap. Four angels observe them; all have either blonde or brown hair and are dressed in blue, green, orange, and lavender. "Christmas Wishes" is printed at the bottom.
Mary, in blue and red, is seated to the left of the card with baby Jesus on her lap. Two shepherds in animal skins kneel near the right side of the card. Outside the stable, an angel looks in. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
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