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The card depicts a woman, probably Mary, holding a fabric-swaddled bundle that is most likely a baby. She is dressed in pure white with a white gown and veil; she also wears a necklace. The bundle is white fabric with gold trim. There is…
Although neither woman in the scene is identified, the way they are dressed strongly indicates the one on the left is Mary and the one on the right is either Elizabeth or Mary's mother Anne. The woman on the left wears a red robe with red dress, and…

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On a columed porch, a blonde-haired angel Gabriel in red brings the news to Mary that she is pregnant. Mary, pale with blonde hair and a halo, is seated on a stool and wearing blue and light pink. Her arms are crossed over her stomach.
The card features a snow-covered wooden structure. Inside, Mary has the baby Jesus seated on her lap. Three young girls kneel beside her while an angel stands behind them. Outside, another angel rings a bell. There is also a deer looking on from the…
Mary, in blue and red, is seated to the left of the card with baby Jesus on her lap. Two shepherds in animal skins kneel near the right side of the card. Outside the stable, an angel looks in. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
Mother Mary is leaning over and glancing adoringly at her son, Jesus. Behind Mary and Jesus in the manger, there lie the wise men and others crowding to try and view Jesus. On the top of the card "Peace on Earth" is printed.
The upper portion of the card shows Mary in red with a brown head wrap holding a naked baby Jesus. Below is the label "Rafael Madonna Sixtina" with holly hanging from the image. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
The card depicts, in black and white, a stable scene of Joseph and Mary gazing upon the newborn baby Jesus in a manger. Stylistically, it looks as if statues were photographed. The print beneath reads "Wie danken die, Herr Jesu Christ, / daB du ein…
This object is a circular scene. In it, a mother dressed in green, red and blue with a white head covering holds a small boy, dressed in white. Another child looks on with hands clasped from the right. This is possibly a scene of Mary and Jesus.
In Bethlehem, Mary holds baby Jesus with Joseph at her side. Near the them, the wise men are showering gifts and blessings upon Jesus. On the top left-hand side, "Christmas Greetings" is printed.
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