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Just a few lines to let you know that I am getting along well at Chaplains' school- now in my third week.

Please excuse the delay, I can report that I am well and getting along fine at my new job.

Monthly report of chaplain January 1943 submitted to the military ordinate for the unit stationed at Chaplains' School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Let me congratulate you on your fine article in America.

Nothing new!

Now that I am a veteran of one week at this rugged over-pea life I have time for a few lines back home.

The enclosed pictures were taken at my midnight Mass celebrated in the South Sea Islands on Christmas, 1943, by Chaplain William J. Menster of the United States Navy.

Today, on the threshold of another year, our thoughts are many and varied.

Today's feast is one of the Church's newer feasts, established to set forth a model and as a protection against certain beliefs and practices that would force God out of the modern home.

Remember the Doolittle raid over Tokio?
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