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1957, p84.jpg
A yearbook page that reads "OFF HOURS". Three images are shown. From left to right: (1) 6 nursing students relaxing in their lounge. Three surround a record player. Two are reading together from the same magazine. (2) Five nursing students having a…

1957, p83.jpg
A yearbook page that reads "INFORMALS" and "MERCY AT WORK". Two images are shown. (1) A nursing student works in the lab. They are using a metal implement in a metal jar. Several metal jars are present on a rolling cart. (2) Four nursing students…

1950, p156.jpg
A yearbook ad for Mercy Hospital School of Nursing. In the center, the Mercy hospital logo (a cross and stripes accompanied by the word MERCY in an oval) is shown.

1950, p77.jpg
A yearbook page depicting two people in white, medical attire are arranging surgical equipment on a table. They are wearing dark colored latex gloves, white medical masks which cover the lower half of their faces, and white caps which cover their…
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