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This postcard is oriented vertically and has four poinsettias around the left and top sides of a red and gold frame. The background of the card is a foggy mixture of white, grays, greens, and blues. The stems of the poinsettias are all behind the…
The card is entirely taken up by an overhead look at the petals and leaves of a poinsettia. The petals are red which the leaves are two different shades of green.
The scene depicted on a plain cream background is a shelf under a window; the viewer is looking out the window upon a sunset, path and trees. Inside, on the shelf there are a book, a present, candle, holly, and a poinsettia. "Best Christmas Wishes"…
The center of the card features a poinsettia with two red blossoms. Above it is printed "The world is happy, / the world is wide, / Kind hearts are / beating on / every side. / JR Lowell." "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the bottom right.
The only thing printed on the card is a lifelike image of a green-leafed poinsettia with two red blossoms.
The card's background is completely covered with poinsettias. In the center is a green bell made of holly with Santa Claus' face on it; it's suspended by red, white and blue ribbon. "Xmas Joys to You" is barely visible on the bell's pattern.
The card depicts Santa Claus handing a poinsettia-paper-wrapped gift to the viewer. The tag on the gift reads "With Best Wishes for a merry Xmas". There is a holly wreath in front of the window in the background, and "A Happy Christmas" is printed…
In the center of the card is a circular inset of Santa Claus. It is surrounded by holly, and on either side it has a small view of a snowy field with poinsettias beneath. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the bottom.
The card has a plain cream background; set in the center is the message "With Christmas Greetings" surrounded by a silver design. There is an inset of Santa Claus to the left, bordered by poinsettias.
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