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This postcard is oriented vertically and has four poinsettias around the left and top sides of a red and gold frame. The background of the card is a foggy mixture of white, grays, greens, and blues. The stems of the poinsettias are all behind the…
The center of the card features a poinsettia with two red blossoms. Above it is printed "The world is happy, / the world is wide, / Kind hearts are / beating on / every side. / JR Lowell." "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the bottom right.
The scene depicted on a plain cream background is a shelf under a window; the viewer is looking out the window upon a sunset, path and trees. Inside, on the shelf there are a book, a present, candle, holly, and a poinsettia. "Best Christmas Wishes"…
The card is entirely taken up by an overhead look at the petals and leaves of a poinsettia. The petals are red which the leaves are two different shades of green.
The only thing printed on the card is a lifelike image of a green-leafed poinsettia with two red blossoms.
The card has a plain cream background; set in the center is the message "With Christmas Greetings" surrounded by a silver design. There is an inset of Santa Claus to the left, bordered by poinsettias.
The card's background is completely covered with poinsettias. In the center is a green bell made of holly with Santa Claus' face on it; it's suspended by red, white and blue ribbon. "Xmas Joys to You" is barely visible on the bell's pattern.
The card depicts Santa Claus handing a poinsettia-paper-wrapped gift to the viewer. The tag on the gift reads "With Best Wishes for a merry Xmas". There is a holly wreath in front of the window in the background, and "A Happy Christmas" is printed…
In the center of the card is a circular inset of Santa Claus. It is surrounded by holly, and on either side it has a small view of a snowy field with poinsettias beneath. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the bottom.
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