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Young E. Herron.jpg
Sepia tone portrait of Edward W. Herron, he wears a suit and stripped bow-tie.

L. Herron Portrait.jpg
Sepia toned portrait photograph of Louise E. Halliburton

L. Herron Portrait 2.jpg
Sepia toned portrait photograph of Louise E. Herron

Young L. Herron.jpg
Portrait photograph of a young Louise E. Herron. She wears a floral dress and large bow in hair.

Young M. Crouse.jpg
Sepia tone portrait of a young Mary Crouse.

R. Alexander Halliburton.jpg
Portrait of R. Alexander Halliburton, he wears a suit and tie.

R. Alexander Halliburton_portrait.jpg
Photograph portrait of a young Robert Alexander Halliburton.
Santa Claus is seen looking joy-filled in a cylindrical portrait covered in a mass of holly leaves and holly berries. To the right of him, a long banner reads, "With best Wishes for a Joyful Christmas".
A stern-looking Santa Claus is seen in a wooden framed portrait garnished by holly berries and holly leaves. On the bottom right-hand sand of the card, in red texts, the phrase "A Joyful Christmas" can be read.
In a portrait, Santa Claus is seen smiling with joy. Around the frame of his picture is a bushel of holly leaves and berries garnished with a bow. On the top right-hand side of the card reads "Christmas Joy Be Yours". On the bottom left-hand side of…
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