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Two little girls, one wearing a red coat and the other wearing a blue coat, putting their letters that they wrote into St, Nicks mailbox. There is snow on the ground, on the window, on the tree, and on top of the mailbox. Father Christmas, wearing…
Two children have their hands out waiting for St. Nicholas to give them gifts from his bag. The bag contains dolls and St. Nick is holding a red box.
This is a side profile of St. Nicholas. He is surrounded by a bad of toys, trees and birds.
St. Nicholas is dragging a child in a sleigh through the snow. It is a very red card with German writing.
St. Nicholas is wearing a round fur hat and carrying a round-topped walking stick as well as bag of toys over his arm. He is holding up a female doll which moves on a stick. There are clovers decorating the top and flowers decorating the bottom of…
St. Nicholas with bag and staff, in grayscale, looking in window lined with shoes. Bird landing on bag and birds on tree branch. St. Nicholas facing to the right holding his staff and an apple.
St. Nicholas is surrounded by many different toys. This card is very colorful and vibrant. St. Nick is wearing a green shawl.
St. Nicholas wearing red and white, holding golden staff in left hand and gold bible with apples in right. Wearing white spotted cape with red on the inside.
St. Nicholas is walking on snow and carrying a bag of toys. It has a white boarder around the card, and the card has very soft colors. The vibrant red and gold stand out.
St. Nicholas is talking to a young boy and girl. There is a bag of toys in front of them.
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