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St. Nicholas is by the fireplace with a little girl and her toys. There is a teddy bear and a bunny trying to stay warm by the fire.
St. Nicholas in a purple cloak holding a book and a bag of fruit. He is wearing a white gown. It has a Christmas greeting written in German.
St. Nicholas is hiking through the snow to deliver gifts in a purple coat. Children are following him picking up the toys he drops along his journey.
St. Nicholas is dropping a bag of apples on the floor next to some toys. He is outside a door leaving some gifts.
St. Nicholas is handing out fruit to children. Children are surrounding him, and a little boy is reaching into his bag.
St. Nicholas fills the shoes of two very excited children as the sneakily watch. There appears to be wind or cold air inside the house. There is a Christmas greeting in German.
St. Nicholas is holding a basket of toys as a girl picks through them. Another girl is crawling on the floor.
St. Nicholas is standing at the door of a girl's house handing her a gold book. There is a German Christmas Greeting on this postcard.
St. Nicholas is handing two small children a toy doll. They are outside and the weather looks nice.
St. Nicholas is hiking up snow to deliver gifts. Two young boys are hiding behind trees looking at St. Nick.
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