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St. Nicholas is by the fireplace with a little girl and her toys. There is a teddy bear and a bunny trying to stay warm by the fire.
St. Nicholas is reading a bedtime story to a child as he falls asleep. He is surrounded by toys and a warm fire place.
St. Nicholas is handing out fruit to children. Children are surrounding him, and a little boy is reaching into his bag.
Two children are kneeling and praying to St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas is carrying a bag of toys.
A young boy is checking the shoes he left outside for St. Nick. St. Nicholas is overlooking the boy check his shoes for gifts.
St. Nicholas is overlooking a girl watching out a window waiting for her gifts to be brought by St. Nick. There is snow outside and a Christmas Greeting.
St. Nicholas is leaving gifts for children on porch steps. Two children are watching him through the window.
St. Nicholas is leading three small children through the snow. He is wearing a blue coat and has a large back of toys on his back.
St. Nicholas is out in the snow surrounded by little angels. The angels are running around and resemble young children.
St. Nicholas is handing two small children a toy doll. They are outside and the weather looks nice.
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