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St. Nicholas standing wearing white with gold embroidery and staff. On an all red background
St. Nicholas standing holding bag of fruit in one hand and on his back and bible in his other hand with a gold staff. Wearing white robe with purple cloak lined in gold. On white background with gold writing.
St. Nicholas standing outside in the snow, next to building. He is holding a staff with a full sack next to him. Colors include red, black, and white.

German wording on the front bottom.
St. Nicholas wearing red and white, holding golden staff in left hand and gold bible with apples in right. Wearing white spotted cape with red on the inside.
St. Nicholas in gold with his left arm outstretched, looking that way. Holding a golden staff in his right hand. Looking in the direction of his hand. Wearing pinkish neck cloth.
St. Nicholas with bag and staff, in grayscale, looking in window lined with shoes. Bird landing on bag and birds on tree branch. St. Nicholas facing to the right holding his staff and an apple.
St. Nicholas in a purple cloak holding a book and a bag of fruit. He is wearing a white gown. It has a Christmas greeting written in German.
St. Nicholas appears as a vague white figure in a red background. The gold in his outfit is very detailed.
St. Nicholas is standing outside where there is very much snow. The card is all red, except for the snow. It features a Christmas greeting in German.
St. Nicholas is holding apples on a bible and wearing a white and red robe. He has a crown on.
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