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The main background of the card is a white brick wall with icicles hanging from the top. There is a small head view of Father Christmas wearing a cap in the upper left, and "Merry Christmas" with a holly decoration printed in the lower right. "A…
Father Christmas is dressed in a long white coat and a pointed white cap. He has a basket of toys on his back and some at his belt. To the right side of the card, he holds a waist-high snowy evergreen propped on the ground next to him. Behind him is…
Father Christmas is dressed in a white coat with gold polka dots. On his back is a small white bag with the tops of toys visible; as he walks, Father Christmas is slightly hunched over, using his walking stick. "Frohliche Weihnachten" is printed at…
Krampus is seen in black and white on this postcard. There is German writing and the Krampus is seen with bat-like wings and a rather long tongue.
Your letter of the first of the month reached me this morning, and I hasten to write these few lines so that they may reach you before Christmas.
Excuse the scublery as I am writing on a footlosher.
I am sedning my monthly reports and alone with it a few lines of news from New Guinea.
Received your monthly letter giving the news of the Archdiocese.
Just a line stating that I am fine and like the work.
Got your newsy letter here in Japan.
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