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A white embroidered Santa is stepping into a basket. The card is ombre with purple being at the bottom. There is a city in the background.
The upper portion of the card shows Mary in red with a brown head wrap holding a naked baby Jesus. Below is the label "Rafael Madonna Sixtina" with holly hanging from the image. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the bottom.
The card is a reprint of artist Jan Vermeer's "Die Kupplerin," or 'The Procuress.' A woman in yellow with a patterened rug over her lower half is seated, and three men in different outfits surround her. It has been intrepreted as a brothel scene of…
The card is a reproduction of Hans Memling's "Maria Mit Dem Kinde," or Mary with the Child. Seated on a throne, a blonde-haired Mary is dressed in red and has the baby Jesus on her lap. He is reaching to the angel kneeling to the left. A…
Mary, dressed in red, is putting together a bouquet of flowers with the help of a smiling baby Jesus. The image is labeled "Carlo Dolci / Madonna" and the bottom reads "To Wish you a merry Christmas".
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