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The card depicts a woman, probably Mary, holding a fabric-swaddled bundle that is most likely a baby. She is dressed in pure white with a white gown and veil; she also wears a necklace. The bundle is white fabric with gold trim. There is…
On this postcard there is a little portrait with an older angel protectively with its arm around a young child who is stand atop an hourglass. On the bottom right-hand corner of the postcard the text "Happy New Year" is written.
A blonde-haired Mary is dressed in red with a blue cloak. At her feet, two babies without clothes play. She is holding onto baby Jesus, who is accepting a cross-shaped staff from another slightly older child, perhaps John the Baptist. In the…
The upper part of the card depicts two angels, one playing the harp and one holding pink-purple flowers, looking down upon the baby Jesus with a lamb in the hay on the lower half of the card.
Floating above the rest of the figures is Mary in red and blue, holding the baby Jesus. They are backed by a golden sky. Around them, figures of both genders and all ages look upon them or in other directions.

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A black-robed priest with hat is holding a small blonde-haired baby in his arms. Around them is a branch of evergreen and pine cones. "Merry Christmas" is printed below them.
In a room lit by a Christmas tree, Santa Claus is seen holding and talking to a young boy and a baby. Aside the three, the sentences "With kindly thought and careful work this tree was trimmed for you. Let's hope the wishes on it hung may every one…
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