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Santa Claus, with his bag of toys on his back, stands in front of a line of stockings. There are twelve visible, all different sizes and colors. The card's greetings reads, "Just a line for Christmas."
Santa Claus is shown from the waist up in a circular holly-bordered inset. He has a bag of toys on his back. Below the picture is a letter on stationary reading "May the sunshine of affection light to day!"
In a dimly lit living room, a fireplace is filled with a roaring fire. Among the many presents and Christmas tree around the room, Three children are seen talking and walking around a very surprised Santa Claus in an armchair. On the top right-hand…
Santa Claus has one hand up to his mouth as if calling out. There is an open bag of toys on his back - including a doll and a house - and mistletoe in the bottom left corner. "The Seasons Greetings" is printed along the top.
The card shows Santa Claus, standing amid the card's holly decoration, holding a bag of toys. There are two bells in the upper right with "DEC" and "25" on them. Printed at the bottom is "Christmas Greetings."
Santa Claus is dressed in a hooded red coat, carrying a bag of toys over his shoulder and bundle of sticks under his arm. "With Best Christmas Wishes" is printed at the top and there is a holly decoration over the rest of the card.
Santa Claus with a sack of toys can be seen inside a portrait along side a Christmas tree. Above the portrait, 3 bells, a bushel of holly, and holly berries can be seen. Below the portrait the phrase "Christmas Greetings" can be seen.
Santa Claus is shown on top of a holly-and-bells decoration. He is waving with one mittened hand and has a bag of toys on his back. "Christmas Greetings" is printed at the bottom.
Santa Claus is waving with one hand while he holds a bag of toys on his back with the other. He is pictured above a holly wreath in the driving snow. The greeting in the wreath reads, "Hear Old Santa / In his sleigh / Christmas is here /…
Santa Claus is perched on the edge of a brick chimney, carrying a bag of toys while smoking and waving. There is the faint outline of a reindeer in the background and "Christmas Greetings" is printed in the lower right.
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