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1950, p103.jpg
A yearbook page which reads "IOWA CONFERENCE CHAMPS" and "MIDLANDS CONFERENCE CHAMPS". A photograph at the top right of the page shows Coach Dowd receiving an Iowa Conference Trophy from Coach Peterson after a play-off game in Cedar Rapids. Both…

Students, Individual (No Date) 20.jpg
A person in casual clothing on a basketball court, about to shoot a basketball. #6 on edge.

Loose Negatives from rest of box 51.jpg
Basketball players in action. A player wearing a jersey with the number 4 attempts to make a shot and is blocked by a player with the jersey number 3. Oher players are visible on the basketball court, one with jersey number 6. People seated in the…

Loose negatives at front of box 11.jpg
A person in street clothes shooting a basketball. #114 on edge.

Basketball- Mar. 16th 1950-1951.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the College's basketball team's game loss to St. Francis College. The article is accompanied by a photograph of player Gene Ternes, wearing a long coat and running…
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