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St. Nicholas is reaching out. It is a black and white card except for a purple rope. There is a Christmas greeting in German.
The card shows Father Christmas' head and face and the upper torso of a child who is clutching fistfuls of his beard. There is a postage mark in the lower left corner.
The card, oriented horizontally, features the greeting "Best Christmas Wishes" on the right and a drawing of Mary and Jesus in black and white on the left.
The card looks like a pencil drawing in black and white. To the left is a white cat, sitting in front of grass that is as tall as it. To the right, a darker-shaded puppy peeks out of the grass. Beneath their feet is the question "Can I play in your…
The card looks like a pencil sketch done in black and white. It features a white, laughing cat on the right To the left is a puppy looking sideways at the cat. At the bottom, it says ""I don't see anything to laugh at.""
Done in monochrome, the card depicts two black and white cats dancing with each other on a tile floor. On the back wall there is a piece of artworl. ""Waltz Me Around Again Willie"" is printed along the bottom of the card.
The main scene of the card is black and white, while it is bordered in yellow with the red text "I wish it was over" at the bottom. In the center is a black and white cat sitting in a bowl on a table with a bar of soap beside it. In the background is…
The card, printed in black and white, depicts two cats sitting inside a basket with a lid and one sitting outside it. Two are white, and the second one in the basket is black. Printed in the lower left is "A sample lot."
Printed in black and white, the card depicts two striped dancing cats. The one on the left has its tongue sticking out. The one on the right is smiling, wearing a hat and a bow around its neck. It is captioned "The Merry Widow Waltz".
The black and white card depicts storks carrying their loads. In the upper right, four storks deliver a baby goat perched in a basket. In the middle of the card, a large stork is carrying a basket of five kittens in its beak. They are flying above a…
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