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Traditional Santa is ringing a giant bell outside in the snow. It appears as if the wind is blowing vigorously and there is a blizzard.
On a snowy night, Father Christmas is seen watching over a young girl preparing to go into a snow storm. The little girl, while she is bundled up for a snowy trek, is still apprehensive to go outside At the top left-hand side of the postcard, "A…
On a snow covered hill, with wind that blows harshly, Father Christmas is seen carrying sack of toys through the winter storm to the village below. Above Father Christmas the words "Merry Christmas" in German are written.

Blizzard- Mar. 11th, 1958-1959.jpg
A newspaper clipping from the Loras College student newspaper, the Lorian, regarding the March 5, 1959 blizzard in Dubuque, Iowa. The clipping displays an image of the exterior of a campus building in the snow.
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