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The card features a white mother cat with three kittens - two orange and one black - resting on a blue pillow. There is a sprig of holly in the upper right corner and "A Merry Christmas" is printed in the uppermost left.
The card features a white kitten with a blue bow around its neck against a plain brown background. There is handwriting at the bottom.

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The card features a gray-striped cat with a red bow around its neck, holding a candle-snuffer in its right paw and holly in its left. It is next to a shining candle. There is more holly in the upper left corner. "A Merry Christmas" is printed at the…
The card features three cats playing amidst bags and spilled pastel-colored candy. One white and black cat is inside a bag. The other two cats, a white and brown one and a pure-brown one, are playing. All are looking off to the right side of the…

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The card features a wooden framed view covered in holly and icicles. Inside a wreath in the scene is a cat. Behind it is a snow-covered hill with a house in the background. Printed at the bottom is "With every Good Wish for a Joyful Christmas."
The card features three cats - one orange, one white, and one gray - playing on an old-fashioned black hand-crank sewing machine with red material being sewn.
The card features an inset of two yellow cats with brown markings behind purple flowers. Both cats have blue bows around their necks, and one of them is playing with the other's. At the top there are holly decorations. Printed by the cats is "A…
The card features two cats. The one on the far left is white with light brown markings. Its mouth is open and it has a bell around its neck. The cat on the right is mostly brown with some white and wears a yellow boy. There is a sprig of holly to the…

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The card depicts three cats. The gray one is laying in a chair with a bandage around its head and a red-orange blanket on its lap. Two brown cats wait upon it; one with a bowl and another with strips of paper or bandages. There is handwriting at the…

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A brown cat with white face, belly, and paws is leaning on a railing, watching the fly that is hovering in the upper left of the card with brown eyes. Printed at the bottom is "'I'll catch you if you come my way'".

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