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The card is done in a realistic style, depicting two brown-haired girls in white pulling back a curtain to discover Santa Claus filling stockings. Santa is wearing a dark brown coat and has wild white hair and a beard. There are toys scattered on the…
Through a window surrounded by white curtains, two young girls are seen holding apples given to them. A small girl with blonde hair is seen hugging a very joyful Santa Claus. On both top-hand sides of the postcards are bushels of holly. On the bottom…
Among a green blanket and a huge red curtain lay Madonna of the Rose with a young child who is clutching a globe. At the bottom "Parmigianino La Madonna della Rosa" is printed and it translates to "Parmigianino Madonna of the Rose".
In this postcard there is a tassel on the outer border. In the inner part of the picture, their is an orange colored cat clinging to green drapes. At the bottom of the inner box in the card the words "A Christmas Greeting" are written.
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