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Santa Claus is finely dressed in a long red cloak and silk shirt and pants. He is sleeping in a wooden chair next to a burning fireplace. Above the fire a turkey or chicken roasts. On the floor are sprigs of holly and evergreen and an empty bag. The…
Father Christmas is dressed in a long red cloak tied with a brown cord. A branch is stuck through the cord. He has a bell in each hand and is ringing them. Behind him is a banquet table on which food and drinks are visible, and in the background…
The main scene of the card is in the center, displayed like it's a photograph hung underneath a sprig of holly. In it, against the backdrop of a lighted and decorated Christmas tree, Father Christmas in red hands a pretzel to one brunette girl. The…
Santa is carrying a heavy pot of food to a baby pig. The pig is looking out the window and waiting anxiously.
St. Nicholas is holding apples on a bible and wearing a white and red robe. He has a crown on.
Krampus is seen staring into a window. There is food nicely wrapped on the other side.
Two Krampuses are seen watching food and a chain from above, almost as if they have set a trap.

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