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Thailand Sketch.jpg
L.H.H. Sketchbook: 36 : various media; 6 x 4.625 in.

Sketchbook-Mary Crouse.jpg
Graphite drawing of St. Sheobalds Chapel in rural winter landscape.

L.H.H. Sketchbook: 2 : various media; 6.75 x 5.125 in.

Christmas card print.jpg
Print of Peace defeating Ares (War) with the words, "LET US BE DETERMINED THAT PEACE WILL TRIUMPH OVER WAR, CHRISTMAS 1933" framing the image.

Christmas card sketch.jpg
Sketch for a Christmas card print of Father Christmas in winter setting, a polar bear and reindeer in the background.

Design for an Easter card showing a young woman with long dress and hat and a small elf holding a pot of tulips. They stand in front of a garden setting, a banner above them reads, "Happy Easter."

Christmas card_gold.jpg
Design in color ink and gold leaf shows a procession of figures towards a church on top of a hill in a winter landscape.
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