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Watercolor_Hawaii Birds of Paradise.jpg
Color photograph of watercolor painting depicting birds of paradise flora.

first drawing.jpg
Two of Louise's early drawings. At an early age she would draw things she saw on her daily walks with her father.

L.H.H. Dubuque Public Library Art Exhibit.jpg
Black and white photograph of Louise Halliburton posing in front of artwork from the Halliburton Exhibit at the Dubuque Public Library.

L.H.H. Watercolors.jpg
Louise Halliburton posing in front of her watercolors.

L. Herron Painting.jpg
Photograph of a young Louise Herron standing at her painting easel in an unknown art studio.

Sketchbook-Mary Crouse.jpg
Graphite drawing of St. Sheobalds Chapel in rural winter landscape.

Halliburton_Book Illustration.jpg
A book jacket designed for Young America Travels Abroad by Louise E. Halliburton depicting the European continent

Christmas card_gold.jpg
Design in color ink and gold leaf shows a procession of figures towards a church on top of a hill in a winter landscape.

Christmas card sketch.jpg
Sketch for a Christmas card print of Father Christmas in winter setting, a polar bear and reindeer in the background.
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